Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday Sunny Monday...

So I've decided to post a sunset picture weekly so that I can share with the rest of the world the beauty that is Kailua Kona... Today I was leaving for work and almost left my camera at home. I'm so happy I didn't. It turned out to be one of the best sunsets of the summer to date.
I believe I am a pretty good waitress, but there I was with a full section standing on the stairs taking pictures for a good five minutes. Luckly my boyfriend is also a waiter at LuLus and kept my tables happy until the sun went down... Honestly I think everyone in the restaurent was so mesmorized with the beautiful skyline that no one even noticed I was gone... So those of you that may take the time to follow this blog these sunsets are for you...
P.S. None of the photos have been touched by photoshop, its the real deal...;o)


  1. Hi! Welcome to the "blogosphere". Great blog so far. I love your use of pics. I also checked out your shop and I love it. You have some really great pieces. I would love to try PMC but I haven't been able to get my nerve up yet. You seem to do a great job with it. Best of Luck.

  2. Love this pic Erin! How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place on this earth!

  3. Lucky I know... Belive me I try very hard not to take it for granted