Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So can I just say that all you self taught metal smiths out there...MAJOR PROPS to you. When I began my journey as a jewelry artist I started out with wire wrapping. It was great fun, entertaining even. threw the use of the Internet and millions of wonderful people who have been willing to share there trade, tips, and secrets threw various tutorials; I have been able to learn a great deal by myself. Much to my delight my urge to learn more grows by the second. I am exited to announce that I will soon be taking private lessons from a very talented Metal smith living in the Kona area. I couldn't be more thrilled. Thus far I have felt as if my hands have been tied. I so badly wish to learn the art of setting stones. Now I will have a creative mind to guide me...Hurray!!!!
Not to mention I think i hit the mother load of Cabochons, oh yea! I don't know if I ever mentioned it but I work at a bar on the Kona coast of Hawaii called Lulus. My bar managers father just flew into town for the week who as a retired workaholic sell stones as a hobby...coo-inki-dink? I think not... It just so happens that I have been searching high and low for pretty cabochons. Unfortunately I live on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, where there is literally no cabochon for 2000 miles. And Tadaaaaaaa, problem solved.


  1. Beautiful! I love this photo and the idea of hitting the motherlode!

    Claire, from Heartspace (on

  2. I love all those cabs! Beautiful! I do a few cab wrapping but really love getting into wire sculpting designer stones. Linda