Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well I picked my tools up at the airport about three days ago and haven't put them down since. I'm having so much fun trying all the things I've been dreaming about all year. There's been a few surprises along the way. for example, did you know glass enamel cracks off brass like popcorn. Yea, right into your face...(That was fun....NOT) Thank god for goggles. It figures though, I've always been a little accident prone. As my friend Rachel lovingly puts it "Erin+Day to Day Life= Walking Murphy's Law...That which can go wrong will" Needless to say those who know me well were a bit sceptical when it came to the thought of me using power tools... So far so good eh?
So I have posted two of my new rings...I am so happy with how they have turned out. As I experiment with different materials my mind flutters with new ideas of what to mix and match. Above I have bezel set a laser etched wooden bead in fine and sterling silver with some silver balls to accent. This ring is followed by a fun and funky fine silver Pomegranate Ring made from PMC.(Precious Metal Clay)I was surfing on Etsy a while back and ran across the cutest store that sold hand carved stamps with a Latin flair named Fawa.

This is where I spotted my little POM art. I contacted the owner to ask permission to use and sell her artwork in the form of my jewelry. With her blessing I was able to give birth to one of the weirdest and might I add most special pieces to date. I freekin love it. Ta Ta for now faithful readers...


  1. Do you have an etsy store?

  2. yes I do have an etsy can find the link on my blog or go to

  3. I love this Fawa design in a RIng..!!!