Friday, August 28, 2009


Well I finally finished setting up my studio. Boy was that a project. One of my wonderful roommates Shadya decided to move out, so I was able to turn our spare room into a work area. There was no quarrel with the other roomies due to the fact that I had been cluttering our kitchen table for the better part of a year. (see bottom photo) My first mission was deciding to go on a work bench hunt, but let me tell you desks are expensive now a days. Lucky for me Salvation Army had my back. I bought the cutest 1960's retro solid oak desk for 30 bucks. Perfect for countless hours of hammering away. Sure it was a little on the ugly side but I fixed that right quick. A little sanding and a splash of plum paint and shes as good as new. Well that's sorta the way it went down. My first intention was to sand it down and then to stain it. Sounds simple enough... Let me just say I have a new found respect for carpenters. I have never used an electric sander before in my life, and believe me it showed when I turned it on with the bottom part facing toward me... Yes that's right, I was immediately covered in sawdust from head to toe. Once I was sudo done sanding it was time for the stain. Yea, quick tip, sand evenly cause stain will show every mistake you make. So there I went back to Lowes to buy the prettiest paint there ever was and presto my new desk... I am sooooo happy with my new space...I can find things now!!! As you can see it has been a definite upgrade to my old part of the kitchen. What a mess. Dont cha just looooove It!

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  1. It looks really great! I hope to have a works space of my own someday!