Friday, February 5, 2010

The Snuggle Bear is out to get me!!!!!!!!

So this is my current situation... My boyfriend decided to do a load of laundry this morning before he headed off to work... Simple enough right? Well what I probably should mention to you is that we have one of those stand up washer and dryers that shakes violently in its final spin. Due to the fact that we live in an apartment with limited space we store all of our detergent and LIQUID SOFTENER on top of the washer. Well this morning that gal-darn washer gave a good enough shake to throw that Snuggle softener right onto the tile floor. Which comes to my next bit of sad news... Whom ever it was to use the softener last forget to screw the cap on tight. So I now have blue softener all over the hall and a smell that makes me feel like Mr. Snuggle Bear is choking me.... Ulgh!!!!!!! After this I'm definitely switching back to dryer sheets.

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