Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well here I am again... Giving it yet another stab at trying to transform my bad eating habits into new exiting ways to trick my mind (and taste buds) into believing that Brussels Sprouts really do taste like heaven. Well maybe not to that extreme. Though I really have wanted to make an effort to try and eat healthier.

In this journey I have taken it apon myself to join My Food Diary.Com and have discovered how much easier it can be to monitor what you put in your mouth when you have to remember to log it in a chart every day. Let me tell you folks you really begin to think twice about eating that tempting treat when you know that your daily calorie number will jump 500 points. At first I thought "who will know, no one sees the chart but me" But at the risk of sounding like the cheesiest cheese ball. I have realized that I will know... And this simple reality check seemed to change something inside of me tonight.

As the microwave was warming my tasty cinnamon roll to the perfect gooey temperature I flipped to my food dairy.com. Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I decided to see what the nutritional chart would look like for my regular bakery Cinnamon roll. BIG MISTAKE!!!

620 Calories

24 g Of Fat

14g Of Saturated Fat

And the list goes on and on...

That's right folks. There I stood at at a crossroad...

I had two choices...

One, I could eat the roll and just not log it down to forever torture me with its frown faces telling me I have exceeded my daily intake for saturated fats...

Or two, I could think about the effort that I had so proudfully put into my day, and how good it felt after that spinach salad for lunch. And by eating this one roll would have made the past 12 hours null and void..

I choose option two... GOLF CLAP FOR ME...YAY!

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  1. clap, clap and a big pat on the back! BTW, I hate brussel sprouts but my children adore them - wonder where they got that- huh?