Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm officialy a G.I.

Well this is it...I have had it. I just went to my doctor for a routine checkup a few days ago. Same old routine sign in and wait in the big waiting room only to be taken to wait in the little waiting room. (for those of you who love seinfeild, that was for you..haha) Anyway I left out the scariest part of the process. That dreaded moment when the nurse asks you to step on the scale. I always ask if i can take off my shoes. Any help you can get right! Well I am a woman of small stature, 5.0 to be exact. I like being small for the most part. After all awesome things come in small packages, right? The only down side is that every extra pound I carry shows. All that aside, there I was on the scale watching the nurse TIC, TIC, TIC the lever all the way to a horrifying 150 lbs. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm telling you it was at that moment where I new something needed to be done. I have always dieted in the past only to loose a few pounds for a short bit and then unknowingly put it back on, sometimes almost double what I lost. Its exhausting and totally unmotivating to think of counting calories or having to cut out your favorite foods when you know the will power just might not be there. Well I finally feel like some light has been shed down upon me for the first time. I found this book outside on the 5 dollar rack just sitting there on top of the pile as if an answer to my prayers. After skimming threw it for a bit I decided it was only 5 bucks and had a bunch of recipes that looked good. If anything I'd throw it on the library shelf of on my list to read books. Only once I got home I started with page one and was hooked.

OK, I know this is gonna be a long post but hopefully you'll bear with me. After reading more about the G.I diet or Glucose Index Diet I realized that this is not a diet at all but rather a totally new a easy way to change your eating habits for life. If I were to keep living my life the way I have been I will quickly become a canidate for heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and many more horrible things that I would rather not mention. Well that's not gonna be me.

By eating food that a low in glucose (sugar) thousands of people have been able to loose weight the healthy way. Not by starving themselves but by eating three solid meals and three snacks a day.

So many people think that they are making the right choice by cutting carbs out of there diet when it has been proven that our body and brain need carbs to function properly. All we need to do is learn the difference between GOOD CARBS and BAD CARBS.

This diet makes it so simple by giving you a stoplight guide to which foods will benefit and which will harm.

  • GREEN: Foods that are low in glucose (sugar) that you may eat freely.

  • YELLOW: Foods that have a slightly higher glucose content that should be used in moderation.

  • RED: Foods that have a high glucose and saturated fat content that you should steer clear from.

It even teaches you about portion control and gives hundreds of recipes to make hearty meals so you can never get bored with what you eat.

Well, I've said enough. I have decided to take control of my life and someday soon be able to fit into all those clothes still hanging in my closet from a skinnier day.

I know my blog has been dedicated to my passion for metal smithing but who says you can only have on passion. So I will be posting my progress along with some yummy recipes that I will be cooking up for myself. I know I cant be the only one out there that feels the way I do about myself, so hopefully this blog will reach someone else out there struggling with the same issues.

I will also be posting some new photos of some pretties later tonight... TA TA for now...Erin


  1. Hi Sissy! I'm sorry that i haven't called. Bad me. . . Anyway, I went through the same thing with my weight when I quit smoking. Since the last week in April, I have gone from 140 to 117! My goal is 100. I have written a ton of articles on weight control. Here is a link where I have listed most of them:

    It's my Catholic web site, but it has a lot of other stuff on it. If you go half way down, you will see the articles on the right under a picture of me and another woman and it's entitled "weight loss success." You can do it, sissy!

    Love you,

    Your big sis P.S. My pen name on that site is Karen Johnson (so original!)

  2. Hi Erin
    Thanks for sharing - coincidentally I've just got back from a check up this morning and have similar issues that I need to take in hand. I'm going to check out that book as dieting is not for me but lifestyle changes are definitely something I could consider.
    Good luck and look forward to hearing your progress.
    Kristin :)